Well hello February.  How's 2016 going so far for you?! Do you love or hate this time of year? Personally I like it very much.  January,  with all your moody fog and short days and crisp mornings. It's been peaceful here and I was quite sad to see you go.  You've given me the time to make some much needed changes to my business; every year I look forward to these few precious months of not picking up a camera to recharge and reboot. 

2015 was a big year, to say the least.  We have spent the better part of the last 6 months upping sticks and moving from London to Dorset. So here I am, living in a new part of the world, in a cosy light filled cottage with crackling log fires and a thatched roof.  We have an owl in the garden, and an apple tree.  And far too many rabbits. 

What better way to kick off the new year/ new home with a new website, which I hope reflects a fresher and more simple design. Let me know what you think.

I've also released my shoot schedule right up until November - you'll find the BOOK A SESSION section in the connect page.  There are two options on the page, either for a country session or a London session, and you can click on either one to find out more,  to check my availability and book in a session directly. 

I'm being much more organised with my time and have been ruthless about how many slots I release each month.  On average I'll only be coming up to London once a month, and once the sessions are gone, they're gone - unless you want to fly me somewhere on a jet, then I might rethink ;)

Either way, I'm hoping I'll be seeing you soon! There are SO many gorgeous locations around here in Dorset and I am so excited to start shooting full time as Spring starts to emerge. If you live in London and want to book a session down here, it's easy. We have lots of insanely lovely places to stay, come and check out what Dorset has to offer, make a weekend of it and I promise it will be fun. I am soon going to write a piece on some of the great things to do nearby, and places to stay, to lure all you London folk out of the big smoke!

Here's to a wonderful 2016.

Sophie x