London Photography Workshop for Parents - Saturday 3rd March 2018


London Photography Workshop for Parents - Saturday 3rd March 2018

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  • How long is the workshop?

The workshop is an intensive one day course, starting at 10am and finishing at approx 3.30pm. We'll break for lunch for about an hour. 

  • Do I have to bring a big camera? 

No.  Although I will be covering the basic camera functions, my favourite lenses and how I set up my DSLR, about two thirds of the workshop will cover the other important aspects of photography such as how to see light, how to discover your own photographic voice, how to create compelling compositions and how to put your children at ease to create amazing images.  I believe that all photography starts with you and your eye, so you will still learn a lot from the workshop even if you don't have a DSLR (although the module on camera settings will not be that relevant to you).  That said, to get the most out of the workshop, I would encourage you to bring a DSLR, as they offer you the most creative choice and freedom.   


  • How many people will be on the workshop?

There will usually be approx 10 at each workshop so that I can give as much support as possible to you throughout the day.


  • I'm not a parent, can I attend the workshop?

Although the workshop is aimed at parents, much of it focuses on helping you becoming really confident with your camera, and the tips on composition and natural light are relevant to anyone who loves photography. I do cover tips and tricks on how to  pose your children and make them relax in front of the lens, but these are equally relevant when taking portraits of adults as well.  Anyone is more than welcome to attend,  but please note I won't be giving individual guidance on other types of photography such as landscape or interiors.  


  • What happens if I have to cancel?

Due to the very limited number of places at each workshop, classes are non refundable.  If you can't make it, you're more than welcome to either send a friend in your place, or transfer your booking to another workshop (depending on the availability). 


  • What happens if you have to cancel the workshop?

If I'm unable to attend due to illness, your seat will be transferred to another mutually agreed workshop date, or I'll issue you with a full refund.